How Snakes Get into Bathrooms

Given that they’re cool and damp, bathrooms are ideal nesting locations for snakes. The pests easily gain entrance to homes via cracks and gaps in building foundations or siding. Sometimes they get inside through windows or doors that have been left open. Once they’ve infiltrated homes, snakes maneuver through vents, ducts, and wall voids to reach bathrooms. Since the pests are capable of swimming upwards, holding their breath for a long time, and squeezing through tight spaces like toilet drains, they sometimes break directly into bathrooms by way of toilets.

Why They’re Attracted to Bathrooms

Since snakes are coldblooded and cannot regulate their own body temperature, they seek out cold spaces during warm summer months. Bathrooms are not only cool, but also provide the pests with darkness and moisture. Some of their favorite resting areas include underneath sinks, inside or around toilets, and in tubs. Bathrooms with populations of insects or rodents are even more appealing to snakes, as these are some common sources of food.

How to Remove Snakes from Your Bathroom

Homeowners can take precautionary measures to reduce the possibility of attracting snakes inside. For example, all openings on the exterior of homes larger than 1/4 of an inch should be sealed. If snakes are found in bathrooms, it is essential to contact pest control specialists immediately. Snake bites can be deadly, so individuals should never attempt to capture or handle the pests. Trained experts at Critter Control utilize their experience and equipment to eliminate infestations.

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