How to Find and Remove Snakes in Your Yard

Snakes enter residential yards in search of food and shelter. The pests thrive on diets of rodents, like mice, rats, and chipmunks, which are often found in lawns or the cellars of homes. Unkempt yards are especially inviting for snakes as they use the cover of the tall grass to sneak up on their prey. Log and leaf piles, shrubbery, and the spaces under sheds and decks also provide the pests with ample protection. A trained eye can sometimes spot snake tracks in grass or mud near such areas.

Removal from Yard

Having snakes hang out in the tall grass of yards can be dangerous. The pests strike if they feel threatened, and the bites of venomous snakes can be deadly. To reduce the possibility of attracting the pests onto lawns, individuals should mow grass regularly, pick up piles of debris, trim back thick vegetation around building foundations, and stack firewood off the ground. Since the availability of rodents also draws snakes to private properties, individuals should take actions, like getting tightly fitted lids for outdoor trash bins and removing clutter from basements, to reduce rat and mouse populations.

While prevention methods are important, property owners may still encounter infestations of snakes in the grass. At the first sign of snake activity, individuals should contact trained wildlife experts to take care of the removal. The professionals at Critter Control keep house residents safe from deadly bites and offer advice on avoiding future infestations.

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