What Are Snake Holes?

Used mostly for hibernation, snake holes offer the legless reptilians shelter from the elements. Since snakes are incapable of burrowing, they repurpose holes dug by mice, chipmunks, moles, and groundhogs. These holes vary in size and may be found in the ground, in trees, and even in cracks or abscesses in wooden or concrete walls.


Unless homeowners witness snakes entering or leaving holes in the ground or trees, it is foolish to assume a pit or tunnel is strictly inhabited by a snake. Actually seeing the pests around hole entrances is the best, and really only, way to identify snake holes. However, if one does spot snakes in the yard, it’s safe to assume there is a present infestation.

Problems & Removal

As snakes put small children and pets at risk of bites, especially venomous species, property owners should be cautious and avoid approaching, removing, or relocating the pests. Instead, contact the proper wildlife control services, like those available through Critter Control, in order to remove problem snakes safely and permanently.

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