How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Kitchen

How Do Snakes Get into Kitchens?

As they like to congregate in dark, damp areas, snakes find many places to rest in residential homes. The pests are able to get into houses via piping, basement windows, and gaps or holes in building foundations. Once inside, they move throughout houses by way of wall voids and along floorboards. Kitchens are common targets for nests as snakes easily set up residence behind refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances.

What Attracts Them?

Snakes are drawn to kitchens because of all the available food and shelter. The pest’s favorite dietary staples, like mice and rats, also gather in kitchens to feast on crumbs and food stored in pantries. Some snake species are attracted to the odor of raw and cooked meat, blood, milk products, and eggs, as well. Furthermore, the cool and damp spaces, such as the undersides of sinks with leaky pipes, help snakes regulate their temperature during unbearably hot summers. In the winter, the pests slither under refrigerators, ovens, and other appliances for warmth and protection.


Since their presence is difficult to detect yet they attack when they feel threatened, snakes in kitchens put house residents at risk. Though bites from non-venomous species will simply hurt for a few days, those received from venomous snakes can be deadly. As such, individuals should not attempt to handle the pests. The best approach to removing an infestation of snakes in the kitchen is to contact qualified pest control experts. With the right knowledge, products, and experience, the professionals at Critter Control leave kitchens and homes safe and snake-free.

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