How Snakes Get into Pools

Snakes usually enter pools when they are in search of water or to find food. They also soak in pools to soften their skin when it’s time to molt. However, the majority of snakes found in pools end up there by mistake and simply can’t find their way back out. Despite being gifted swimmers, snakes are not built to use ladders and therefore have limited options when it comes to exiting pools. As such, the pests usually swim until they’re exhausted and then drown.

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Pool

Individuals can purchase certain barriers and employ habitat modification techniques, like keeping vegetation in lawns trimmed and rodent proofing homes, to prevent finding snakes in pools. However, prevention doesn’t always work. Smaller snakes can sometimes be removed from pools with skimmers, but individuals should be extremely cautious because live snakes are capable of lashing out and biting. As property owners may find venomous or non-venomous species of the pest in private pools, bites can be deadly. Therefore, it’s best to contact the trained wildlife removal specialists from Critter Control to ensure the safety of all those involved.

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