What Do Baby Snakes Look Like?

Generally, baby snakes are strikingly similar in appearance to adults. The most obvious difference is in size. Coloration, scales, and head shape differ from species to species but generally remain the same when comparing adults to babies. Baby snakes do have a distinguishing egg tooth on their snout that allows them to exit the egg or live birth sac. This protrusion tends to fall off early on in a young snake’s life.


Baby snakes tend to be independent almost immediately after birth. Some stay near their mothers initially, but adult snakes do not provide protection to their offspring. As such, young must capture their own food to survive. Baby snakes feed on prey including insects, small amphibians, and rodents smaller than themselves. Young snakes grow rapidly and reach sexual maturation in two to three years.

Removal and Control

Property owners should use caution when they encounter any size snake as babies can still bite. Additionally, young venomous snakes are typically still deadly. Finding an entire brood of baby snakes often indicates the presence of an infestation and should be dealt with accordingly. Contact local pest control services as soon as you encounter baby snakes to ensure swift removal.

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