What Problems Can Squirrel Hibernation Cause?

Tree squirrels, like the eastern gray squirrel, fox squirrel, and red squirrel, do not hibernate. While they mostly rely on their fat reserves to make it through the cold, harsh winters, the pests will also occasionally venture outside to find food. Therefore, homeowners are only slightly less likely to see these familiar, bushy-tailed animals during cold weather than they are in the warmer months.

Squirrel Problems

Though squirrels in winter don't actually hibernate, they frequently make their way indoors to escape the elements. The nimble pests usually enter through holes in the roof line, behind siding, or down chimneys. Once inside, squirrels cause numerous problems ranging from destroying insulation for their nests to chewing wires, which can lead to electrical issues. The pests can also become noisy nuisances, scampering around ceilings and wall voids.

Effective Removal

Squirrels are known to carry various diseases that can be harmful to humans and pets. Additionally, they carry a wide range of parasites like fleas and ticks that can become problem atic. Their presence indoors can be difficult to handle without help. To effectively remove squirrel infestations from the home, contact the trained professionals at Critter Control.

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