What Do Squirrel Nests In Your Home Look Like?

Tree squirrel nests can be seen high in trees and look like oversized clumps of leaves and twigs. The hollow interiors usually measure eight inches in diameter and are lined with leaves, grass, moss, and shreds of bark. Actually quite effective at keeping squirrels warm and dry, their nests are prefect for raising babies or huddling together for warmth during winter. The exterior shell is typically composed of sticks woven together with leaves for insulation.

Location & Construction

Squirrels begin nest construction by choosing sturdy spots high in trees, usually between two strong limbs or near the trunk's base where limbs branch off. Oaks, beeches, elms, and maples are some of their preferred nesting locations. Actual nest construction involves weaving spheres of twigs with narrow entrance holes and gathering insulation, such as leaves, moss, and grass, to be knitted into the twig structure.

Infestation & Removal

If they are able to gain access to houses, squirrels will make their nests in chimneys or attics, which causes grief for property owners. Squirrels are messy and noisy, inflict structural damage on buildings, and spread diseases via their feces and urine. Upon hearing squirrels in roofs or chimneys, individuals should contact the animal control experts at Critter Control to remove the creatures before infestations get out of hand.

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