Handling Mice in Walls & Attics

Signs of Mice Infestations

Mice enter homes in search of food, water, and shelter. Infestations are not always readily apparent as mice frequently take up residence in hard to reach locations, such as inside walls or in attics. They rely on the heat provided by these sheltered hiding places and take advantage of easy access to materials they use to build nests like insulation. Despite the relative anonymity afforded to mice by these secluded locations, homeowners are alerted to their presence when they hear the rodents scurrying about or gnawing, find chewed sections of baseboards and drywall, or notice rub marks and urine stains along walls. The smell of droppings or deceased rodents can also indicate the presence of mice infestations in walls.

Removing Mice from Attics and Walls

When mice take up residence in isolated places like attics or wall voids, eliminating them without professional assistance is challenging. Setting traps can reduce overall numbers slightly, but finding and eliminating entire mouse populations requires the right tools, expertise, and training. Pest control professionals are licensed and trained in the use of control methods that homeowners typically do not have access to. Additionally, Critter Control wildlife specialists can set up IPMs (Integrated Pest Management plans) to eliminate present mouse infestations and keep the rodents from entering homes in the future.

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