Do Mice Hibernate?

Image of a Mouse

Where Do Mice Go in the Winter?

Mice often go to great lengths to avoid cold weather by making their way into heated houses and apartment buildings. The pests will nest in attics, basements, and wall voids to escape the winter chill. Because mice do not hibernate in winter, they cause a number of issues while indoors, ranging from the destruction of property to the spread of diseases.

Being indoors during winter has other advantages for the pests. In the wild, changes in climate limit mouse reproduction. However, in warm, temperature-controlled homes, mice can breed all winter long and are capable of producing a new litter every 28 days.

Do Mice Hibernate Outdoors?

Even if they live outside, mice do not hibernate. However, some species, like deer mice, become dormant and sleep for long stretches of time during winter. On warmer days, the pests stir from their slumber to forage for food. This helps them survive the season without truly hibernating.


Since mice do not hibernate in winter and actively seek out warm shelter, rodent infestations are common during this season. Residents who find mice inside their homes when cold weather hits should contact the professionals at Critter Control for reliable removal.

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