Squirrels navigate their way through treetops seamlessly, so the pests have no problem climbing onto roofs or into soffits. Homeowners who suspect they have squirrels on the roof should look to trees for confirmation, as the pests use lawn foliage to reach rooftops. Observant people may spot squirrels traveling up and down regularly.

How Do Squirrels Get onto The Roof?

Residents may also see the pests climbing water spouts or running along telephone wires to gain access to roofs. From there, damaged soffits, loose shingles, and structural gaps provide an easy way for the animals to move into homes.


Squirrels in Eaves

When squirrels enter homes through the roof, sometimes they can get trapped or build nests in eaves. Once in the eaves, squirrels can cause damage by chewing holes. They can also chew on insulation and electrical wires. Some squirrels will take insulation and make nests out of it. After time, the baby squirrels will leave the nest, leading to the perfect opportunity to repair any damage to the homes and patch the entry holes in the eaves.

Squirrels Nesting in Soffits

What is the best way to keep squirrels from nesting in soffits? Plug the holes! Squirrels will chew holes in soffits and to make their way inside for nesting. Before you can plug the holes, however, it is important to make sure all of the squirrels are out of the soffit. It is most effective to trap squirrels nesting in soffits using a baiting method. Critter Control professionals are expertly trained in getting squirrels out soffits to keep them out of your home for good.

Squirrel Damage on Roof

Squirrels in soffits or on the roof are a problem that can quickly turn destructive. Not only will the pests pry up shingles, weaken support beams, damage gutters, and enlarge holes to gain entry, but they cause additional issues indoors.

After moving into an attic, the pests gnaw on electrical wiring and damage insulation or lead pipes. Over time, their waste stains ceilings and spreads unpleasant odors. A squirrel infestation also exposes residents to diseases and creates scurrying and squeaking noises.

How to Keep Squirrels Off a Roof
To reduce the chance of problems with squirrels on roofs, homeowners can modify their houses and yards to keep these pests away. To prevent the animals from climbing:

  • Use metal collars on trees.
  • Place plastic pipe rollers on well-traveled routes.
  • Trim branches away from buildings.

Squirrel Removal from Roof

Prevention methods are not always a surefire way to guard against the pests. Hiring local control experts, like the team at Critter Control, is always the safest way to remove squirrels in the soffits or on the roof.

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