Pest & Wildlife Problems in Baytown, TX

Since several large bays border the city, Baytown, TX, residents frequently deal with pest problems. Wildlife species that enjoy living near water often move into area yards and homes in search of food. Some of these nuisances spread diseases through their bites or waste.

Raccoon Invaders

A common visitor to Texas lawns, these animals scour trash looking for a meal. Securing garbage cans and removing debris helps to deter raccoons from entering yards. Avoiding contact with the pests is vital as a raccoon may transmit rabies through scratches and bites.

Bats near the Bay

With abundant sources of water, Baytown provides local bats with plenty of insects to eat. While they help to control mosquitoes, having the animals around the home puts residents in danger. Exposure to bat waste may lead to a serious infection called histoplasmosis. Like raccoons, the pests can also carry rabies.

Squirrels in Texas Homes

A squirrel’s diet mostly consists of nuts and seeds, making yards with gardens or nut trees prone to problems. These nimble pests climb trees and squeeze through holes in roofing. Once inside, they cause issues by gnawing on electrical wiring and shredding insulation.

More Baytown Pests

Two other animals that bother homeowners include voles and opossums. A vole often nests close to woods or gardens, digging burrows and creating runways that ruin the look of lawns. An opossum thrives along streams and areas with high rodent activity. Both wildlife pests carry fleas and ticks that can spread to people and pets.

For help with wildlife problems in Baytown, call Critter Control at (832) 862-8951.