Pest & Wildlife Problems in Missouri City, TX

Located just outside of Houston, Missouri City, TX, has a high population density. Because there are so many people in the area, an abundance of buildings, waste, and trash provide plenty of ways for pests to find meals and shelter. These conditions allow many wildlife species to thrive in urban areas.

Bats Inside

Bats in the city often gather in buildings rather than in natural roosts like caves and trees. They establish themselves in the attics and wall voids of Texas houses, schools, and other structures. When bat droppings accumulate, they create stains and unpleasant smells. Guano can contain harmful mold spores as well.

Hungry Raccoons

Feeding a raccoon in Missouri City can lead to pest problems in the yard or house. The animals spend most of their time searching for something to eat, so a steady food source will keep them coming back for more. Whether homeowners leave out scraps for raccoons on purpose or the pests rummage through open trash cans, the result is the same.

Squirrel Burrows

Ground squirrels in Texas damage yards and gardens by burrowing. Aside from tearing up parks and lawns, they also dig up seeds and feed on flowers. When the pests den under homes and patios, ground squirrel tunnels may even weaken foundations.

Other Common Pest Issues

Rats and house mice get into Missouri City houses year-round. Small with strong teeth, these rodents easily squeeze through holes or chew on siding and roofing to enlarge cracks. Indoors, they scrounge for food in basements, living rooms, and kitchens. Rat or mouse poop left behind as the pests forage can contaminate pantry goods and belongings.

For help with wildlife problems in Missouri City, call Critter Control at (832) 862-8951.