Rattlesnake Photo

A slithery snake is the last thing you want to see in your home. But as a couple pulled up to their home in Houston, their headlights illuminated a black serpent climbing its way up the side of their house.

Black snake entering a woodpecker hole on the side of a house

From there, it disappeared into a woodpecker hole. 


That was definitely a shock! Instead of panicking, these savvy homeowners called Critter Control. 

Types of Snakes in Texas

After the technician arrived, their first order of business was to try to determine what kind of snake they had on their hands. In southeast Texas, there are 39 snake species that it could be. 

Importantly, the technician wanted to discover if it was a venomous snake or not. The seven possible venomous snakes include Southern Copperheads, Western Cottonmouths, Timber rattlesnakes, Western Diamondback rattlesnakes, Western Pygmy rattlesnakes, Dessert Massasauga, or the Texas Coral snake. 

The technician was fairly confident that it was not a venomous snake based on the homeowners’ description of a black snake. Most of the venomous snakes in Texas have relatively colorful patterns. Although the description of a black snake could point to a cottonmouth, the home was several miles away from any ponds or lakes. 

Why do snakes get in your home?

With the confidence that the snake was not venomous, the technician investigated the hole on the side of the house. He determined that the hole led into the attic. So, he climbed up into the attic to search for the snake.

Snake droppings in an attic

Snake droppings greeted him to confirm that a snake was indeed using the attic regularly. 

The reasons why this particular snake was in the attic could vary. In many cases, snakes will wiggle into an attic on the hunt for a food source. If there are rodents in an attic, that is a sure attractant for snakes. Luckily for these homeowners, the technician did not find any evidence of rodents. 

But based on the sweltering heat of a Texas summer, it is possible that the snake was seeking shelter from the heat. 

How Snakes Get in Your Home

Snakes can worm their way into small spaces and squeeze into your home. Disconcertingly, snakes can climb. With that, they can scale the side of your house looking for an opening. 

Black snake climbing a home exterior

How Can Snakes Be Controlled: Exclusion and Traps

Snakes are excellent at avoiding detection. In Houston, our technician searched the attic for signs of a present snake. After ensuring that the attic was snake-free, they sealed all of the openings on the side of the house. 
Exclusion is the most effective way to eliminate a snake presence in your home. But it can be more difficult to exclude snakes from your property. However, a specialized snake-proof fence or boundary of lava rocks could prevent snakes from becoming regular visitors. 
Since the snake was not deemed a threat, the homeowners decided that traps were not necessary. If the snake had been venomous, the homeowners may have pursued trapping methods that would ensure the snake was removed from their property permanently. 

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