One of the most popular places in your home for different types of animals to live in your attic. The most common attic pests are raccoons, bats, rats, mice, squirrels, opossums, and birds.

The house mouse is the most common mouse in Houston, Texas. 

Mouse Removal from the Attic

Mice reproduce at an astounding rate. Mice trapping takes between five to fourteen days. 

Mice can fit through openings as small as half an inch in diameter, which means that small holes, gaps in doorways, and wall vents often serve as common entry points. If a rodent cannot find a large enough entry point, it can gnaw through materials like shingles and plywood to gain access to your attic.

Mouse Control in Your Attic

There are a few ways to mouse-proof your attic, and most of them start before the rodents actually reach the attic.

Rats are also proficient swimmers capable of traveling through sewer lines and entering buildings by emerging from toilets and open drains.

Check your roof and soffits for any small holes. Any rodent can take a pre-existing hole and gnaw it to make it bigger. Sealing up any kind of hole will cut the chances of a rodent invasion down.

Another way rodents can get into your home is through your vents. There are a few ways you can keep rodents out of your vents:

  1. Place traps near the entrances of vents. This can work well if rodents have already gained access to your vents.
  2. Protect your vent with stainless steel mesh. This will prevent the rodents from getting into your vents. Cloth works well with bugs, but rodents can chew through it.
  3. Install a vent guard on your roof. Caging the area around the vents on your roof will keep any curious critters away from your outside vents.

Even if you successfully remove every rat in your home, other rats will likely return to the same comfortable spot. Unlike some pest control services that only exterminate rodents, Critter Control prevents future rodent infestations. It is absolutely essential to seal all entry points of a quarter-inch or larger.

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