A Critter Control technician holding a baby raccoon

A Houston family kept hearing strange noises from their attic. The noises were the loudest in the living room. During the inspection, they said the noises sound like whining or crying. We suspected raccoons. Raccoons are incredibly vocal, and raccoon kits will call out constantly. 

Raccoons in the Attic Houston

During the inspection we found several entry points. Raccoons are strong enough to tear through shingles in the roof. 

The mother raccoon also created this hole. You can see the insulation on the roof

Raccoon Den in Attic

The mother raccoon created her nest in an inaccessible area of the attic. We couldn’t safely remove the babies from the attic. We had to cut through the ceiling to safely get rid of the baby raccoons.

We work with a local wildlife rehabilitator.

Raccoon Exclusions

Once we ensure all raccoons were safely out of the attic, we made sure to protect the home. We sealed the entry points. We identified potential entry points and strengthen them with critter-proof materials. 


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