Pest & Wildlife Problems in Conroe, TX

Due to its growing population, Conroe, TX, has its fair share of wildlife issues. Animals invade neighborhoods in search of a meal or shelter, spreading disease in the process. Urban expansion is a common cause of increased conflicts between homeowners and pests.

Squirrels in Texas Houses

Known for their quick movements and social nature, these pests thrive in Conroe. A squirrel usually digs in yards and gardens for food. These rodents will also enter a home if given a chance. Broken vents and loose shingles provide easy access for squirrels. Once indoors, they can spread fleas, ticks, and disease.

Bats and Illness

Bat colonies prefer to roost in caves and forests. However, as cities grow, the loss of their natural habitat brings them to Texas neighborhoods for shelter. Bats are rabies vectors. The animals transmit the virus through scratches and saliva. Since bat teeth are so tiny, bites often go unnoticed and may occur while residents are asleep.

Raccoons in the City

These nocturnal scavengers typically den near a constant food source, making Conroe residences a prime target. During the day, raccoons may nest under a porch or in a shed. However, the pests will invade homes to escape predators and cold weather, bringing parasites like raccoon roundworm indoors as well.

Other Texas Pests

Skunks and house mice are two additional nuisances that Conroe homeowners deal with year-round. When cornered, a skunk releases a foul-smelling spray that causes itching and other irritations. A house mouse can be dangerous when in a home, as it contaminates surfaces with its droppings.

For help with wildlife problems in Conroe, call Critter Control at (832) 862-8951.