Symptoms / Identification

Bats are indeed capable of contracting and transmitting the rabies virus, but infected bats make up less than one percent of the total bat population. Spotting infected individuals isn’t easy since the mammals are small and active almost exclusively at night. With adequate light, humans should look for tell-tale signs of the virus, such as foaming at the mouth and aggressive behavior. Infected bats won’t be afraid of humans and will move erratically.

Prevention & Safety Precautions

Rabies is transmitted via scratch, bite, or when infected saliva comes into contact with human eyes, mouths, or open wounds. Therefore, the first thing to do upon identifying a rabid bat is to distance oneself. Once a safe location is reached, alert trained professionals. Professional removal is the best way to avoid contracting rabies or any of the other diseases bats carry. Additionally, seek immediate medical attention if bat-to-human contact occurs.

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