What Do Bats Eat?

Almost all bats found in North America are insectivores. They eat flying insects that are otherwise considered nuisances to humans, such as mosquitoes, beetles, midges, flying ants, moths, and mayflies. Bats can usually be spotted over open fields or wetlands where these insects are plentiful. They also congregate near streetlights and lamp posts at night as the light attracts their favorite foods. Suburban residents may notice an increase in bat populations during warm summer months when mosquitoes are most abundant.

When bats are present in residential areas they usually set up nests in attics, chimneys, or other enclosed spaces. Although their nightly feeding activities are actually beneficial, bats also cause problems when they enter homes. They can harbor parasites, and their droppings contaminate the spaces in which they live. Most importantly, bats may carry rabies and pose health risks when they congregate in close proximity to humans.

Individuals with bat problems should contact professional wildlife control specialists to remove the creatures as soon as possible. Removing nuisance bats from the home also eliminates the risk of contracting rabies, Hantavirus, parasites, and incurring home damage caused by droppings. Once the bats are successfully removed, animal control experts help residents take steps to prevent future infestations.

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