Rodent & Blindness Myths

Bats cause problems for homeowners by roosting in attics and chimneys and spreading diseases. Despite their earned status as pests, the mammals are victims of many myths that perpetrate misconceptions about their treachery. For instance, even though they are commonly referred to as “flying mice,” bats are not rodents. They are actually more closely related to primates and lemurs. Additionally, the term “blind as a bat” leads many people to mistakenly believe the animals function without sight. While many species use echolocation to find food and have small or poorly developed eyes, bats typically have adequate sight.

Rabies & Bloodsucking Myths

Other common misconceptions include a propensity for getting tangled in hair and thirst for blood. Though bats do dive from the sky for insects, they almost never target humans or human hair. As for sucking blood, only three species of bats, known as vampire bats, feed on blood. Still, vampire bats do not feed on the blood of humans and instead target prey like cattle. Moreover, they are quite small and only require tiny servings of blood at a time. Finally, the largest misconception regarding bats is that they all have rabies. While certain species can carry the disease, cases are actually quite rare on an individual to individual basis. Nevertheless, bats are responsible for the spread of diseases and should only be handled by professionals.

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