How to Identify Baby Bats in Your Home

What Do Baby Bats Look Like?

Adult female bats usually give birth to one or two babies each year. These pups are born hairless, blind, and dependent on their mother to survive.

Newborn baby bats are only about two inches in length and weigh a few grams. Juveniles cling to their mothers for a few days and take around a month to grow strong enough for flight.

What Do Baby Bats Sound Like?

A baby bat is typically quiet, but a maternity roost full of young makes quite a bit of noise. Baby bats sound like birds in many ways, using high-pitched chirps to communicate.

Homeowners may also hear flapping or scratching noises when these inexperienced fliers attempt to leave the roost or fall into wall voids.

Do Baby Bats Have Rabies?

It is important for people to avoid handling bat pups. Though it is uncommon for baby bats to have rabies, it is possible. Exclusion, either before or after bat breeding season, is the most successful control method for infestations. For help with young bats or roosts, call the specialists at Critter Control.

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