Where Do Ground Squirrels Live?

Ground squirrels live in a system of burrows that they use for shelter and storage. It’s not uncommon to find ground squirrels under the house, as their nests can b e five to 30 feet in length and two to four feet deep. These pests thrive in areas that provide shelter from predators, which is why burrowing under homes can be ideal. Occasionally, residents may even discover ground squirrels in the house. These instances are less frequent though, as ground squirrels prefer to retreat to their burrows for protection and typically only enter buildings accidentally.

Problems with Ground Squirrels Under the House

Since it’s rare to see a ground squirrel in the house, damage is more often associated with their burrows. However, if the pest is found inside, residents are advised to refrain from making contact with the rodent as they carry fleas capable of spreading disease such as the bubonic plague.

Outside, these pests create a system of burrows, which can cause many problems for homeowners. Aside from creating an unsightly yard, the holes can be a nuisance when keeping up with lawn care and can also be dangerous for children and pets who stumble upon them. When ground squirrels are under houses, their digging creates a need for costly repairs, as this behavior undermines foundations.


Whether ground squirrels end up in or under the house, they can create a slew of issues for homeowners. Prevention is key and can be achieved in a number of ways. From keeping lawns neat and well taken care of, to sealing off all cracks and other entry ways, exclusion is the best way to handle infestations. Traps are also available to use against these unwanted pests, but can be dangerous. If you suspect you have a ground squirrel under the house, contact the professionals at Critter Control to assist with removal.

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