What Do Ground Squirrel Tracks Look Like?

Since ground squirrels spend most of their time in underground tunnels, the easiest way to identify infestations is by looking for the signs they leave aboveground. In addition to the droppings they deposit near the entrances of their four-inch-wide burrows, residents can expect to see ground squirrel tracks. Like tree squirrels, these pests’ prints are about two centimeters across with five-toed front paws and four-toed hind paws. However, ground squirrel tracks in yards typically show their feet placed side by side, while tree squirrels’ front feet usually land at a diagonal angle.

Controlling Ground Squirrels

Finding ground squirrel tracks in the yard is a sign of a larger problem. While a few paw prints and droppings may not seem like a big deal, it’s the damage homeowners can’t see that causes issues. Ground squirrels dig extensive burrows below homes, trees, and gardens. These tunnels can kill plants by destroying their roots, as well as weaken foundations. Noticing ground squirrel tracks also typically indicates multiple animals. Since they den together in groups of a dozen or more, getting rid of one ground squirrel won’t eliminate an infestation. Call Critter Control for pest management that gets to the root of the problem.

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