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How Do Squirrels Get In Vents? 

Squirrels gain access to vents through neglected ductwork. While searching for places to nest, squirrels often move through dryer vents that lead to attics or basements. If a vent is uncovered, squirrels can easily access public or living areas.  

Damage Caused by Squirrels in Vents 

Squirrels in vents can cause a few problems for property owners.  

  • Squirrels are notoriously noisy as they travel through ductwork. Their scratching noises can be a consistent annoyance in a home or business. 

  • Squirrels often die in vents, spreading a foul odor throughout your property as they decompose.  

  • Squirrels in vents are a major fire hazard, as their nesting materials are extremely flammable. 


Squirrel Removal 

If a squirrel has gained entry to your home through a vent, or you suspect a squirrel has died in your vent, contact Critter Control as soon as possible. Our specialists are equipped to not only remove the animal, but also prevent future intrusions. 

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