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How Do Squirrels Get in Vents?

Neglected ductwork may leave homes vulnerable to squirrels in vents. While searching for places to nest, the pests frequently move into dryer vents leading to attics or basements. Vents without covers give the pests easy access to living areas.

Problems with Squirrels in Vents

Property owners encounter a variety of difficulties when they have a squirrel in the vent. The animal may die inside, spreading a foul odor around the house. Scratching noises as squirrels move through ductwork can be annoying as well.

One of the more serious concerns with a squirrel in the vents is the risk of fire. The animals store nuts and seeds for winter, often choosing convenient hollows like vents for their cache. These areas also offer a secure place for squirrels to build nests with dry leaves and twigs. In a confined, heated space, these flammable materials can lead to disaster.

Getting Rid of Squirrels

Prevent issues with squirrels in vents by working to seal any openings. Placing hardware cloth over vents or installing special vent covers can keep the pests out, though it is vital to avoid sealing any squirrels inside. Call the specialists at Critter Control for help with exclusion and removal.

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