Why Are There Opossums on the Roof?

Although they generally prefer to den closer to the ground, finding opossums on the roof is not uncommon. Sometimes they are mimicking the behavior of squirrels they have observed and are led straight to entrance holes those pests have made in attics.

Prevention Tips

To limit the chance of opossum problems on the roof, homeowners can take the following steps:

  • Trimming tree limbs that touch walls or hang over the roof
  • Wrapping trees near the house with two-foot-high metal sheeting to prevent climbing
  • Removing ivy and other vines from the side of the residence
  • Attaching slippery metal flashing near the roofline to take away easy access
  • Closing openings into attics made by squirrels or raccoons

If homeowners still experience issues with opossums on the roof, they can call Critter Control for professional removal of these and other pests.

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