Opossums in Winter

An opossum faces dire conditions during colder months. The chilly weather usually leads to frostbite on its hairless tail, paws, or ears. The danger is made even more pressing because opossums don’t hibernate in winter. However, they are known to hunker down in their dens to wait out bad weather.

Dens are typically underground, beneath brush piles, or in hollowed trees. As opossums aren’t known to dig holes themselves, they take over the abandoned burrows of other animals. The pests line these dens with twigs and leaves for warmth and can spend days at a time inside to avoid the cold.


Since opossums do not hibernate in winter, it is common for people to see the pests out and about year-round. The animals scavenge in garbage when food is scarce and are known to den under sheds, porches, and decks.


Since they can be found in and around homes, especially during colder months, opossums quickly become pests. To get rid of them, contact the trained professionals at Critter Control. Trying to trap or corner opossums makes the pests aggressive, which in turn can lead to bites, scratches, and the spread of disease.

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