Do Opossums Carry Rabies?

Opossums are nocturnal creatures that scavenge for trash and eat the remains of other animals. Such lifestyle habits may point to opossums being prime hosts for rabies; however, opossums are rarely known to contract rabies and are even less likely to pass it on to other organisms they come into contact with.

The animal’s natural defense mechanisms commonly mislead people into thinking that opossums and rabies go together, as the pests use techniques like swaying, excessive drooling, and angry hissing to dissuade would-be threats.

How to Handle an Opossum that Might Have Rabies

Opossums are extremely aggressive animals that will bite, scratch, and claw when agitated. And because their natural defense mechanisms make it hard to tell if they have rabies, home and business owners should shy away from coming into direct contact with the opossums and leave exclusion and extermination methods to trained professionals.

The dedicated staff of wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control possesses both the knowledge and tools to safely and accurately determine whether an opossum has rabies and understands the best course of action to eliminate the threat safely and humanely.

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