Why Are There So Many Opossums?

Despite their high mortality rates, opossums are able to thrive in temperate regions. The success of the species is largely attributed to their ability to breed frequently and carry large litters averaging six to nine opossum babies.

What Are Opossum Babies Called?

Mothers give birth to underdeveloped opossum babies. Pups, or joeys, are born blind, naked, and about the size of a bumblebee. They use their instincts to move toward the mother’s pouch, where they nurse and continue to mature for about 14 weeks.

How to Identify an Opossum

Once opossum babies are fully grown, they are capable of destruction. In order to stop infestations from growing out of hand, homeowners should strive to identify the pests before opossum mothers reproduce. Look out for animals matching this description:

  • Roughly the size of a house cat
  • Long, pointed snout
  • Hairless, rounded ears
  • Scaly, rat-like tail
  • Off-white, gray, or brown fur

A mother opossum can be easily identified, because she often carries opossum babies in her pouch or on her back.

How to Safely Remove Baby Opossums

Opossums cause damage to properties by foraging on fruits, nuts, and ornamental plants. They can come into conflict with domestic pets as well, and are known carriers of diseases and parasites. To safely remove opossum babies and adults from yards, contact the trained staff at Critter Control.

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