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Opossums make nests in dens left by other animals, crevices in trees, attics, and garages. The pests live near suburbs and cities where they can raid garbage bins and feed on roadkill. They do most of their scavenging at night because they’re nocturnal. Notably, opossums are skittish and are prey for several other wildlife pests.

Opossum Noises

These pests will make clicking noises when they’re trying to attract mates and hissing or growling sounds when they feel threated. Baby opossums make noises that sound like sneezing when trying to get their parents’ attention. Outside of these special circumstances, though, the pests rarely make audible sounds.

Opossum Sounds at Night

Since they are active after dark, opossums are most likely to make sounds at night. The pests are usually silent when they are alone, so hearing opossums means that multiple animals are nearby. Clicking and “choo choo” sounds coming from roofs and attics often mean that mothers and their babies have made their dens there. Hisses and clicks in basements, garages, or under porches could be mating calls or attempts to frighten off predators like coyotes, foxes, or large dogs.

Control & Removal

Infestations of opossums trash yards, scatter trash outside and inside homes, and dirty basements and attics when they use these spaces for nesting and birthing. If landowners notice opossum activity, they should seek professional removal assistance from Critter Control specialists. Never handle wild opossums. Instead, rely on experts to take care of any problems.

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