The Effectiveness of Mouse Traps & Bait

Mice are one of the most common pests in the United States and are reviled for contaminating food and spreading dangerous diseases. As such, a wide variety of traps and baits used to control their populations are commercially available. Lethal traps and live traps are the most common types of mouse control as trapping is usually preferable to toxic baits, especially in situations where pets or small children are present.

Types of Mouse Traps

The most commonly available traps are snap traps, multiple catch traps, g lue traps, and electric traps. Snap traps are cheap, practical, and usually consist of a spring-loaded metal bar attached to a wooden plank. Mice activate the trigger by nudging a piece of food used as bait. A conveniently reusable live trapping option, multiple catch traps can capture up to 30 mice in one use. Mice enter a small hole on the exterior of the trap but are unable to exit back through the same way. Glue traps are one of the cheapest trapping solutions and are most successful when placed in areas of frequent activity, such as routes between nests and food sources. These traps operate similarly to flypaper. Finally, electric traps are expensive but quickly and humanely kill mice with a sharp jolt of electricity.

Mouse Baits

When used correctly, baits can be the most effective way of dealing with mouse problems. They are typically slow acting, requiring up to four days and multiple doses to kill a mouse. Baits should not be used if there is a risk of inadvertently coming into contact with pets or small children.

Why You Need a Professional

Small populations of house mice can be eliminated with simple traps or baits, but anything more than a few rodents typically requires the expertise of wildlife removal professionals. Without knowledge and experience, homeowners' best efforts can prove ineffective or even make problems worse. Individuals facing mouse issues should contact the experts at Critter Control, who can identify and execute the best removal methods.

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