What Do Shrew Noises Sound Like?

Shrews are digging pests that create a variety of sounds to navigate, attract mates, and communicate. Like bats, shrews sense their environment by making a high-pitched twittering noise that bounces off of their surroundings. As a result, the pests often chatter constantly as they scramble through tall grass and other obstacles.

In addition, clicking noises are part of the pests’ courtship process. Other shrew sounds, like squeaks and chirps, may occur when these animals fight or interact.

Are Noises a Good Way to Identify Shrews?

Shrews are often mistaken for moles or mice. However, since all of these pests make vocalizations, shrew sounds aren’t the best way to identify them. Appearance provides a good clue. Unlike mice, shrews have elongated snouts and tiny eyes. They also have smaller front paws than moles.

Shrews are solitary animals that spend most of their time underground or burrowing in fallen leaves. Unfortunately, this means identifying them by sight might not be possible. Since homeowners can’t rely on shrew noises to recognize the pests, they can also investigate the damage shrews leave behind.

Shrew Detection and Damage

These animals live in forests, fields, and backyards with access to plenty of food. While diet differs depending on species, shrews may cause problems by digging for insects in yards or even getting into homes to eat stored foods.

Residents who hear shrew noises or notice damage can call Critter Control for professional control and removal.

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