Typical Shrew Appearance

Though shrews may look like rodents with their short, gray fur, they actually belong to the insectivore family. House shrews, the most common variety, are one of the smallest mammal species on the planet. These pests reach only three to four inches in length, including their tails, and weigh about an ounce or two.

Shrew Sightings

Since they feed on insects, shrews are commonly found in yards. However, once winter arrives, they may seek shelter in garages, sheds, and basements. When people stumble upon these tiny pests, they frequently mistake them for mice. Though both animals are small, shrews are identified by their elongated snouts and miniscule eyes. Additionally, house mice typically have bicolored fur and live in large groups, while shrews have solid-colored coats and are solitary.

Problems & Removal

As shrews eat many unwanted insects, they can be beneficial in yards or gardens. However, they are still unwelcome guests indoors. Aside from frightening residents, the pests may bite when handled. Despite shews’ size, their bites pack a punch. Even one can deliver pain that lasts for days due to venom secreted from their salivary glands. If residents suspect a shrew infestation, contacting the professionals at Critter Control is the best way to identify and resolve the problem.

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