Common Types of Shrew Traps

Pit traps, box traps, and traditional mousetraps are the three most common methods of snaring shrews. Unlike the other two, pit traps do not need to be baited. They’re placed in a hole in the ground and are designed to hold any pests that fall into them by accident. To attract shrews, box and mousetraps should contain food such as bacon, hot dogs, or earthworms. The placement of these particular traps is essential to their effectiveness.

Property owners can also utilize exclusion methods to control populations of shrews. Mowing lawns regularly and using pre-planted or seedling starters as opposed to fresh seeds in gardens makes yards less favorable to the pests. However, these preventative measures are not guaranteed to work.

Professional Pest Control

The common shrew traps are prone to malfunction and are only effective when placed properly around the yard. Correct use of these methods of control requires knowledge of shrew behavior. Therefore, licensed professionals, like those at Critter Control, are best equipped to remove infestations of the pests. Our technicians have the most effective tools and offer tips on avoiding run ins with shrews in the future.

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