Problems & Symptoms

Since they spend most of their time alone and underground, shrews don’t interact with humans very often. However, the pests are aggressive by nature, so attempts to capture or handle them typically results in injury. Shrews are equipped with venomous saliva that’s toxic to their prey but does little more than sting when they bite people. Bites typically swell and feel painful for a few days. In some cases, individuals may experience allergic reactions, as well.


Like with any bite received from a wild animal, shrew bites should be followed up with a visit to medical professionals to prevent infection. Additionally, individuals should wash affected areas with soap and water immediately after being bitten. Go back to the doctor if pain worsens or does not go away.

Prevention & Removal

In order to avoid being bitten, individuals should contact the specialists at Critter Control at the first sign of shrew activity in yards. Our certified, trained professionals remove the pests to prevent attacks and offer tips on stopping future infestations.

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