Appearance & Problems

Shrews are outdoor pests that tunnel in residential yards. They either create burrows of their own or use the vacated nests of other pests such as moles and chipmunks. When shrews dig their own tunnel systems, they leave several entrance holes that are one inch in diameter around yards, most likely in moist areas with overgrown vegetation. Gardens are popular places to find holes, and shrews often uproot plants while digging. The presence of shrew holes in lawns also makes yard care difficult and can result in injury.

Prevention & Removal

Mowing the lawn and trimming foliage regularly makes yards less favorable to shrews since the pests prefer areas with plenty of cover. Additionally, property owners should avoid overwatering plants and grass to control the moisture levels in yards. However, these prevention methods aren’t guaranteed to work and individuals may still find shrew holes in the lawn. To ensure the proper steps are taken to eradicate burrowing shrews, consult certified pest control specialists for help.

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