Problems Posed by Shrews in Gardens

It is not uncommon to find shrews in gardens and yards. Because these animals eat insects harmful to plants, some homeowners find their presence helpful.

However, shrews can come into conflict with people and pets. These digging pests create holes that may disrupt garden plants and can bite if they feel cornered. Shrews in the garden might also find their way into nearby homes.

Shrew Removal for the Garden

Many gardeners are wary of using chemical shrew repellents or baits so close to plants. Traps are a good example of how to get rid of shrews in the garden.

Several types of traps may be effective to capture these pests, including snap, box, and pit traps. While commercial snap and box traps are available, a simple pit trap may consist of a common gallon jar buried in the ground with its mouth exposed. Unfortunately, this kind of trap can also catch other animals.

Other Solutions

None of these traps are perfect. In addition to taking time to check and reset, some devices aren’t sensitive enough to register a tiny, lightweight shrew. Removing the pests from live traps can also expose people to painful bites. The wildlife experts at Critter Control have efficient solutions to remove shrews in the garden, yard, or home.

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