How Do Shrews Get into Homes?

Though they are not rodents, shrews are similar in size. This means gaps in building foundations, spaces between windows and doors, and the openings around pipes and conduits are all big enough to allow the pests entry into homes. However, shrews found in houses are typically confused or inside by mistake. Most of the damage they do occurs outdoors in yards and gardens as a result of their tunneling and feeding habits.

Prevention & Removal

The pests are voracious eaters and feed on a variety of plants, insects, small mammals, and grubs. Shrews need to constantly eat and rely on their sense of smell and echolocation to find food. If they are found inside the home, individuals should not corner or trap them as shrews are aggressive and will bite when they feel threatened. The pests have neurotoxins in their saliva that causes irritation and sharp pain around affected areas. Homeowners should contact a trained pest professional to safely and humanely remove shrews from the house.

Do you have shrews in your home?

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