Are Those Shrew Tracks in the Yard?

Shrews live in underground tunnels and many species are nocturnal. Therefore, homeowners usually don’t see the pests, even when dealing with an infestation. They instead have to rely on signs like shrew footprints to help with identification and control.

Although the prints these pests leave behind are tiny, shrew tracks are distinctive. The animals have five toes on both their front and back feet. Their sharp claws may or may not leave marks, and their tails typically drag in between their feet as they walk.

Shrew Tracks vs. Mouse and Mole Prints

Mice and moles are also tiny pests with small footprints. However, if they’re well-defined, shrew tracks are easy to distinguish from others. Some major differences between mouse or mole and shrew prints include:

  • Size: Shew tracks are as small as they come at about a quarter of an inch long. Mouse and mole prints both appear slightly larger.
  • Stride: With shrew tracks, footprints are spaced about two inches apart. Moles and mice leave between six and eight inches between prints.
  • Toes: Unlike shrews, mice have four toes on their front feet. Moles have long claws that leave marks in front of each of their five front and back toes.

Since the small size of shrew tracks makes them hard to see, homeowners can also look for nearby tunnels to help with identification.


Upon finding shrew prints, homeowners should contact professionals. The pests eat seeds from gardens and may deliver painful bites if threatened. The best way to avoid injury or damage to yards is by leaving shew control and removal to the trained technicians at Critter Control.

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