How to Remove Mice From Your House

Signs of Mice in the Home

As they typically weigh less than an ounce and grow no longer than eight inches, mice are able to sneak into homes through holes 1/4 of an inch in diameter or larger. Since the rodents have powerful teeth and are highly motivated by available food and warm shelter, they can also easily create holes or enlarge existing holes to get inside. Furthermore, the pests are able to run up any texturized vertical surface and can jump over a foot off the ground. This means mice are capable of gaining access to homes through uncovered vents, chimneys, windows with broken screens, and through utility pipes that run through exterior walls, as well.


Mice are notorious for the widespread damage they cause once infestations are established. Despite the fact that a single mouse eats approximately eight pounds of food in a single year, the pests do a lot of nibbling and defecate while feeding. These habits spoil entire packages of food at a time, put financial strain on homeowners, and contribute to the spread of disease. Additionally, mice build nests in wall voids, electrical appliances, and attics. The presence of mice in walls and appliances creates fire hazards as their nests are made of insulation, twigs, and other flammable materials. When the pests live in attics, they destroy stored items like books, important documents, and family heirlooms.

Prevention & Removal

Given the distress infestations of mice cause, house residents should take care to prevent attracting the pests. The best way to reduce the possibility of rodent infestation is diligent sanitation. Removing clutter from attics and basements, cleaning up food and liquid spills as soon as they happen, and regularly vacuuming all go a long way toward mouse prevention. However, as mice are still attracted to heated homes by the prospect of shelter, the only way to truly guard against infestations is calling pest control professionals. Trained experts have the tools to eliminate existing populations of mice and create detailed plans that help homeowners guard against future infestations.

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