What do Mole Tracks Look Like?

Mole Tunnels

Mole tracks are a rare sight since the animals live beneath the soil and move around through underground tunnel systems. They have rather large feet in proportion to their bodies that allow them to easily navigate moist, loosely packed soil and form vast networks of tunnels. Their wide forepaws make the animals proficient diggers, and their hind paws are somewhat smaller, though both sets of feet have sharp claws.

Dirt Mounds

A more efficient way to detect the presence of moles is to look for small mounds of upturned earth and raised seams of dirt. Moles are always on the move and can excavate over a hundred feet of new tunnels in a single day, pushing up the ground and creating identifiable ridges. The mounds of dirt at the entrances to their burrows, known as mole hills, can appear up to a couple feet high.

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