How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Walls

Signs of Mice in the Walls

When they invade manmade buildings for shelter and food, mice often take up residence in the walls. Since they are nocturnal creatures, homeowners may never see adult mice wandering around. Thankfully, the rodents leave other signs of their presence. Initial hints that there are mice in the walls include the sounds of muffled movement, high-pitched squeaks, and scratching. Additionally, home residents may notice foul odors caused by feces, urine, or the presence of deceased mice trapped in wall voids. The presence of holes larger than one-fourth of an inch in diameter on building exteriors should also make individuals weary of infestations, as these openings make perfect entryways for the rodents.


Perhaps the most innocuous side effect of having infestations of mice in the walls is the distress they cause homeowners. More seriously, mice contaminate stores of food with their waste and spread numerous diseases. Additionally, their tendency to gnaw can lead to structural damage and increase the risk of fire. Since mice are capable of reproducing at alarming rates, effective and immediate control of infestations is necessary.


Do-it-yourself projects can be unsafe and contribute to the spread of disease if conducted incorrectly. Calling in professional help to control populations of mice in the walls is best. Expert help prevents accidents and stops poorly executed removal strategies from making infestations worse. In addition to completely removing pests, Critter Control technicians properly dispose of any waste left by mice.

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