How to Get Rid of a Fox in Your Yard

Though they prefer to construct their burrows in forested areas, farmlands, or meadows, foxes will also set up nests on private properties. Since the pests aggressively defend their homes and their young, this creates a safety hazard for residents and their pets. Their underground burrows disrupt carefully cultivated landscaping and may even undermine the structural integrity of houses or sheds, depending on their location. Finally, foxes in the yard will forage for food in garbage bins and gardens.

Prevention & Removal

Certain steps can be taken to prevent wild foxes from entering yards. Erecting fences around lawns and covering up the spaces underneath porches limits the pests’ access to shelter and makes private properties less favorable. Devices used to frighten foxes, such as motion-activated lights, noisemakers, and water sprinklers, also deter their presence. However, for the most efficient control of the pests, individuals should contact the trained professionals at Critter Control. Our technicians have the proper tools to keep residents safe and remove infestations of foxes in yards.

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