Problems Caused by Foxes in Houses

Foxes are drawn into houses by the availability of food. They will take advantage of open windows, doors, and pet flaps to come inside and wreak havoc. The pests makes messes of kitchens as they forage for fish, meats, fruits, vegetables, and even garbage. Foxes in the house threaten the lives of pets, particularly small dogs and cats, and may also attack residents. Finally, they carry diseases such as rabies, distemper, and mange.

Prevention & Removal

To stop foxes from getting inside homes, individuals should concentrate on keeping them out of yards. Erecting fences and scaring the pests off with loud noises should deter foxes from approaching private properties. Additionally, residents should be sure to keep windows and doors closed unless they’re being supervised. If infestations of foxes are found around homes, individuals should contact the experts at Critter Control as soon as possible to avoid injury.

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