How to Handle a Fox in Your Garden

Since foxes like to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, they tend to root in gardens for meals. In addition to eating plants, the pests also burrow into flower beds, which kills vegetation. They also mark their territory with feces, so gardens housing infestations of the pests quickly become overrun with excrement. Finally, having foxes in gardens is a threat to the well-being of residents and household pets.

Prevention & Removal

Erecting fences around flowerbeds is the best way to limit the possibility of finding foxes in gardens. In order to be effective, they must stand at least six inches off the ground and be buried deep enough to deter burrowing. However, property owners may still find the pests in their lawns. The best way to remove foxes from the garden is to contact Critter Control. In addition to removing the pests, our experts offer tips on preventing future infestations.

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