Fox Appearance

Red and gray foxes often look like each other, with reddish-brown coats so alike in color it can be tough to tell the two species apart. However, most red foxtails are white, while gray foxes often have black-tipped tails. The average fox measures about three feet long and two feet tall, weighing between seven and twenty-five pounds. These pests have pointy ears, elongated snouts, and long, bushy tails. The sharp claws on each of their paws serve multiple purposes, from climbing to digging dens in the dirt.

Identifying Foxes & Their Habitats

Foxes live in meadows, parks, and woodlands, occasionally making their way onto residential properties if they find food or shelter. While hunting squirrels, moles, and other small mammals, these predators can get uncomfortably close to homes. Fruit trees and vegetable gardens also attract the pests and their prey, so be diligent in picking up fallen apples and fencing off valuable crops. While foxes sometimes look like dogs, the wild animals typically have smaller and sleeker frames. Their narrow ears and white-colored undersides further help with identifying foxes and distinguishing them from common house pets.

Problems & Removal

Foxes are highly solitary and stealthy creatures that can easily evade detection. As a result, rare sightings or close encounters with these pests may be quite startling. Rabid foxes are dangerous to both humans and pets, while those carrying canine distemper or tularemia pose a serious threat to dogs. Although they may control rodent infestations, these predators can indiscriminately kill both pests and small pets. To effectively identify, trap, and exclude nuisance foxes from yards, trust the experts at Critter Control.

Fox Images

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