Fox Control Methods

Of the available fox traps on the market, coil traps and wire mesh cages are the most commonly used. These types of traps may vary in effectiveness and ease of use. They also may or may not be considered a particularly humane method of fox control. Regardless of the type, every fox trap requires a bait of some sort, such as meat, eggs, or sugar-coated vegetables.

Why DIY Fox Control May Not Work

Since foxes are extremely intelligent, luring them into traps can be difficult. Therefore, placement plays a huge role in effective trapping. Additionally, using the wrong type or amount of bait can render fox traps useless. Individuals must also be aware of the various laws in place that affect the ability to trap foxes legally.

Given the dangers and potential ineffectiveness of fox traps, property owners should contact the wildlife removal professionals at Critter Control when faced with fox problems. Doing so reduces the risk of accidental injury and disease transmission, as our experts know how to trap and remove foxes safely and effectively.

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