What Do Foxes Eat?

The fox diet changes based on what is available. These animals are omnivores, so foxes eat anything from berries to small birds. They are opportunistic predators and scavengers. Food scraps, fallen fruit, and unsecured garbage cans may attract these wildlife pests.

Foxes and People

Foxes can cause problems when they hunt for tasty meals in residential areas. Hungry foxes often make their way into yards and gardens when searching for food. Although not particularly dangerous unless threatened, their presence is worrisome for residents with pets or other animals, such as rabbits and poultry, in backyard pens.

Problems with Foxes

Foxes will raid chicken coops as well as small animal pens and cages. Ducks, chickens, and rabbits are all part of the fox diet. Small cats and kittens are also at risk. Foxes do not usually bother large livestock or dogs unless threatened.

Getting Rid of Foxes

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Since the fox diet is so varied, removing items that attract them may be difficult. Keeping garbage cans locked and picking up fallen fruit under trees is a good start. Fencing can also help, but foxes are experts at digging holes and tunnels. Control often requires the expertise of a wildlife professional, and the team at Critter Control has the tools to help with fox problems.

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