Wildlife Control and Removal


Local Franchisee: Dallas Ellis

Wildlife Problems in Dubuque, IA

Nuisance Squirrels

Able to adapt to living near humans, many types of tree squirrels are common in Dubuque. These pests create problems from above and below. Squirrels may climb onto the roof to nest in the attic or dig multiple holes across the yard to bury nuts and seeds.

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Raccoon Dens

Raccoons often pick attics, basements, and chimneys as places to raise their young. With their nimble fingers, these pests will rip screens or tear away siding and shingles to reach their goal. In addition to creating damage, an infestation can last quite a while. Kits stay with their mothers longer than most mammals, and female raccoons are fiercely protective.

Bats in the Neighborhood

In the Dubuque area, houses may serve as bat roosting spots. By sticking close to people, bats ensure that mosquitoes, a favorite food source, remain readily available. Though natural mosquito control does a lot of good, bats can still cause plenty of issues, including spreading rabies through bites and scratches.

Dubuque Rodents

Residents must contend with various rodents in and around homes such as gophers, rats, and mice. Gophers primarily live in outdoor burrows of their own creation. Their tunnels and dirt piles frequently damage mowers and lawn equipment.

On the other hand, rodents often settle indoors. The pests contaminate pantry items with droppings and urine. A rat or mouse will also gnaw on wiring and leave greasy rub marks on walls.

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