Image of a Rat

Rat Infestations

One of the most prevalent nuisance pests in the country, rats damage property, contaminate food, and spread disease. Rats nesting in crawl spaces are a common problem. Droppings, gnaw marks, and greasy smudges from their fur are signs of an infestation.

Rats in a Crawl Space

Rats often burrow along the foundation of a home, especially when it borders a garden or flowerbed. Loose bricks, foundation cracks, or damaged basement windows allow rats into crawl spaces.

These remote areas offer an ideal habitat for a nest. Crawl spaces are quiet, close to food sources, and provide shelter from predators. However, rats in crawl spaces rarely stay in one place. The pests gnaw through walls, wires, and plastic pipes to forage for meals.

Addressing the Problem

Traps and poisons are available for homeowners. However, these methods are often unsafe or ineffective. Residents who find rats in a crawl space should contact a professional. The team at Critter Control is ready to help with any type of pest removal.

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