Removing Moles: Problems & Solutions

Where to Find Moles

Moles are a common problem in yards and gardens in the area and can be tricky to remove unless you know how to get rid of moles using proper mole control techniques.

How to Identify a Mole Problem

When you have a mole problem, you will notice mounds of disturbed soil in your garden or lawn from the moles burrowing. Moles burrow because they are looking for food and have sensitive eyes so they remain underground or protected by foliage when possible. A mole is four to nine inches long, has pink feet and a tail, long and grey or brown fur and tiny eyes. You may not see the mole responsible for the mess, but you will notice mounds of earth and tunnels. After you identify the problem, it’s important to determine how to get rid of the mole and call an Critter Control mole control expert.

Why You Find Moles Around the House and Moles in the Yard

Moles will burrow around a house in the area because they are looking for food. They are small creatures, so it is easier for them to dig tunnels in yards and gardens as they locate food. How to get rid of moles can be a tricky question to answer, but the expert mole control specialists at Critter Control know how to get rid of moles.

What Damage and Hazards are Caused from Moles

The damage from moles burrowing and digging generally outweighs immediate hazards, such as getting bit or diseases they may carry. They often uproot grass, create mounds, ridges and tunnels in yards, flowerbeds and gardens. Other rodents will use the tunnels and often eat the exposed roots of plants in a garden or flowerbed.

How to Get Rid of Moles Using Mole Control

A Critter Control mole removal expert will know the best methods of how to get rid of moles. The most common way is to trap the moles. This can be tricky since moles create various types of tunnels and do not have an entry and exit point since they rarely come above the ground. Trapping moles may sound easy, but it requires the proper equipment and knowledge to pinpoint the “travel” tunnels to effectively trap the mole.

How to Prevent a Mole Problem

Resolving a small mole problem is critical in preventing a large mole problem. How to get rid of moles is often the question gardeners ask since they can cause a lot of damage to gardens by uprooting plants. The best way to prevent moles from taking over a space in the area is to trap the mole, which often requires the expert knowledge of a mole specialist. Critter Control can recommend ideas on how to prevent a mole problem and how to get rid of moles.

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